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Beit Yisrael Shul

In addition to the large traditional synagogue, the Waverly campus offers the Beit Yisrael shtible shul. Unlike the Chazan and Choir led services in the traditional shul, the Beit Yisrael Shtibl is a smaller community led service which encourages collective participation from all creating an intimate and more personalised atmosphere.

Under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Gabi Bookatz, Beit Yisrael caters primarily but not exclusively for torah observant individuals who are interested in personal growth through the principles of torah. Beit Yisrael offers daily morning minyanim combined with optional individual and group learning before and after davening.

On Shabbos, there is a shacharit and musaf minyan followed by a general drosha / shiur for the community by Rabbi Bookatz. For those that wish to continue furthering their spiritual nourishment there is another shiur for the ladies by the rabbi while the men have various group and individual learning at this time.

After the davening and learning there is a joint kidush bracha for the entire campus allowing everyone in the community to socialise together. Rabbi Danny Sacksenberg then gives a shuir in Beit Yisrael for men and women on fundamental ideas from tehilim. (This is not your regular tehilim shiur).

The focus on learning drives various learning programmes throughout the year for men, women and children of all ages. In addition to the learning there are cultural and social evenings that also take place monthly in the homes of community members for all to enjoy.

All the learning and activities taking place in the community creates its unique atmosphere of openness and integrity allowing genuine friendships to form. Please feel welcome to join us at any time.