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Waverley Shul Today

Waverley campus today is a diverse, vibrant and multifaceted traditional orthodox community with something on offer for everyone. No matter if you are young or not so young, strictly observant or just a traditional South African secular Jew you will feel at home here in Waverley.

The campus offers both a large traditional synagogue as well an intimate shtibl type shul catering for varied preferences. The original traditional shul is a chazan led service with the combination of a young and dynamic choir. The shtibl is a smaller community led service which encourages collective participation from all creating an intimate atmosphere. Both shuls have daily minyanim and weekly Shabbos services.

No need to worry about the kids while you are in shul, there are children services on Friday nights and Saturday mornings to keep the children entertained and stimulate them with some Jewish content and traditional values. We even have a young adult Shabbos minyan and social initiatives both on and off the campus.

The Waverley campus boasts the renowned Rosabella Klein nursery school which provides a nurturing environment and instills the traditional Jewish values to a traditional broad community.
We have a community hall available for members and non members alike who are welcome to celebrate their simchas with friends and family right here on the campus. The hall is an ideal hall for brisses, engagements, bar-mitzvas and all other special occasions. Community lunches and dinners are a regular occurrence on various holidays, festivals and social calendar events.

There are various daily, weekly and monthly learning programmes and shiurim available on varied levels as well as informal get-togethers in community member’s homes combining learning with an opportunity to socialise.

The diversity on the campus in terms of facilities, ages and levels of religiosity creates a dynamic, warm environment that welcomes all who wish to be a part of a unique Jewish community. Feel free to make yourself at home.